NANNIC invests in you

All beginnings are difficult and we take that into account!

NANNIC has grown into a strong and healthy organisation, so our financial strength can contribute to your success! To make things easier for your institute, we are happy to help you get started with NANNIC. Both start-ups and existing salons can enjoy the benefits below.

1. Kickstart formulas

Advantageous start-up conditions where Nannic helps you with your investment and supports you in building your customer base for the Nannic NBE treatments.

These Kickstart formulas also include a starter set of products, a marketing package and extensive training.

The Kickstartformules are available for each Nannic device: both Deep Skin as well as NBE.

2. Hey Beauty!

You are very important to us. We would therefore like to thank you for our pleasant cooperation, which is why we have created ‘Hey Beauty!

It is a very simple savings concept: per 100 euro purchase disc you will receive 1 ‘Hey Beauty!’ savings stamp from us. This allows you to save for useful gifts for your salon!

3. Media campaign

Currently, our PR manager ensures that the NANNIC brand has a particularly strong presence in the media landscape. Journalists of the most renowned magazines visited our production facilities.

Their enthusiasm will eventually lead to a powerful and regular presence in various magazines.

For example, the new NANNIC HSR concept already appeared: Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad, Flair, Good Feeling, Trends Style, Exclusive, Knokke, …

This press interest will ultimately contribute to the success of your salon!

4. Award-winning trademark: sign of quality

NANNIC stands for results and quality and we can prove it. In 2016, NANNIC was nominated as World’s Best Spa Brand, because of our fully professional and effective concept, extensive training, result-oriented products and personal collaboration.

In 2018, NANNIC Excellence wins the Beauty Oscar for Best Luxury Skin Care Line. A Beauty Oscar goes to ‘a product that does what it promises, a product that stands out, a product that makes a difference and gives a feeling of glamour’.

These awards show your customer that you work with quality.

5. Benefits for Premium Beauty Centres

According to NANNIC, a good treatment consists of 3 components:

  • Safe, effective equipment;
  • Result-oriented and highly concentrated products;
  • It’s the right treatment.

That’s why our most important representative is still the beautician, in other words, you! If you choose the NANNIC concept and want to work fully with NANNIC, we are happy to offer you additional benefits.

Request a free documentation folder

If you are interested in working with NANNIC in your salon, we would love to invite you over for a free demonstration. This is completely without any obligation. Would you prefer to receive samples and information beforehand? Please fill out the contact-form and we will contact you as soon as possible and mail you the information package with samples.