Age Reverse (30ml)

Active Serum with a powerful cosmetic lifting effect thanks to innovative micro-cap technology:
- pushes wrinkles from the inside out;
- provides long-lasting intense hydration;
- strengthens natural cellular processes.



Innovative micro-caps technology allows hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep within the skin, where it develops a unique swelling power through contact with water in the deeper dermis.

  1. Pushes wrinkles out from the inside (three-dimensional method to fight wrinkles).
  2. Creates long-term intense hydration.
  3. Improves the natural cellular processes.

Age Reverse works at the DEJ (dermal epidermal junction) and improves the connection between both, which means that the dermis is able to provide more nutritional materials to the epidermis. The skin becomes smoother and wrinkles are reduced.

Use: Apply Age Reverse to clean skin morning and evening, in addition to a serum-in-cream. All skin types. Dermatologically tested, contains clinically proven active ingredients.

The main components and their effect:

  • Short-chain hyaluronic acid: regulation of hydration.
  • Encapsulated hyaluronic acid: moisture regulation in the deeper skin layers.
  • Vitamin E: hydrates and cares.